What is God’s Real Purpose and Plan? (Part 1)


When was the last time you were out on a warm summer night away from city lights, looking up at the stars, maybe trying to count them, marveling at their number, beauty, and probable complexity?  Maybe you were lying in the grass on a hillside, marveling at the awesome sight above you, wondering about the mysteries of the universe and of life.

Have you ever wondered if life truly has a purpose or are we just insignificant specs in the vastness of the cosmos?  Is there a reason for our collective or individual existence?  If there is, how can we know it and be assured of its truth?  If not, then we just live, struggle, and die to no real purpose, having no hope of a future, grasping at whatever happiness or selfish pleasure we can before going into the darkness of death.

I have wondered at the stars, I have asked the questions, and I believe that there is a purpose in life.  I have looked at the world in which we live with all its complexities, examined the scientific evidence and its various interpretations, and weighed the probabilities in the balance.  I have concluded that there must be a designer, a creator, a God who made all that exists.  If so, there must be a purpose for so doing and perhaps He has revealed it to us as well as something about Himself.


Why I Believe in God!


Of all the world religions and concepts about god, the one that is most logical to me and fits the evidence of the world around us, and within us, is the God of the Bible, the Judeo-Christian God.  While some may disagree with this conclusion, I would ask, “What is the real reason or motivation for rejecting or ignoring the God of the Bible?”  Did you have a bad or abusive experience from someone claiming to be a Christian, perhaps even a parent?  Were you hurt by a church of imperfect people or pastor who didn’t meet your expectations?  Did God not answer a prayer once in the way that you thought He should?  Do you prefer to think of Creator/God as an alien from another galaxy?  (This is science fiction only, demonstrating the great capability for human imagination and creativity, but without any scientific evidence.) Perhaps you are just angry and in rebellion against any authority figure?  If any of these are your experience, I invite you to read further.

I believe that the God of the Bible (Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai) created mankind, the Earth, and the universe just as related in the Bible.  I believe that He revealed what He did in the order He did it to Adam, the first man, who then faithfully passed the story down from generation to generation until it was written down by Moses.  I Mascots do not believe that the biblical account should be disbelieved just because it is in opposition to the evolutionary theory which has been concocted by men to explain the creation and reality of the world in which we live, without the intervention of a Creator/God.

Their “scientific evidence” is in fact an interpretation of evidence based upon certain presuppositions, i.e., a theory.  Though widely accepted, naturalistic evolution is a theory concerning historical science which cannot be proven by empirical scientific methods and thus can only be believed with a certain amount The of faith.  The same evidence is therefore open to a different interpretation and explanation, biblical creation, which is more logical and probable upon careful examination.

I do not pretend to be God or to know the mind of God in all things.  However, a lifetime of biblical studies and intimacy with Christ and the Holy Spirit has given me some insights and revelations which I wish to share.  Like all matters of faith, these concepts reflect what I believe and are open to discussion.


God’s Purpose for Mankind


In stating any part of the purpose of God, one must begin with a clear understanding of the nature of God Himself.  Throughout the Bible, we see many aspects of the nature of God, characteristics such as holiness, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, mercy, justice, etc.  But at the core of His nature, as I read the Bible, is love.  John the Apostle seemed to understand this better than any other New Testament writer, and shows it repeatedly in his gospel and first letter.

We see glimpses of God’s compassion and love throughout the Old Testament, but the NT reveals a God of unconditional love.  This unconditional love is not a by-product or characteristic of God, but is the very core of His nature and the primary motivator of all He does.  Thus, the loving God of the Bible stands apart from all gods of other religions, who are often seen as aloof, petty, or self-serving.  Though we may see the God of the Bible saying and doing things that on the surface we may not judge by our mortal standards to be loving or even kind, He is nevertheless always working out His redemptive plan for mankind based on His unwavering love.  Let us go a step further.

“Love” by definition and nature must always have an object.  An omnipotent eternal Being with a nature of love must, at some point of time, have an object to focus that love upon.  He will also wish for a like response from that object of His love, but again by the nature of love, that must be freely given and not coerced.  Hence, the concept of “free will” becomes a requisite response of love.  Without the free will to choose to respond to the love offered, the object is merely a slave and the one offering becomes a dominating puppet master.  This is Maat not a god that any would prefer to serve.


Suppositions: Perhaps…


I believe that the angels may have been God’s previous attempt to create a being that would respond to His love.  We see evidences from the Bible concerning their nature: they are spirit beings; they were created to dwell in the presence of God and to serve Him; they have free will to choose obedience or rebellion to God; they have the knowledge of good and evil; they live eternally; they can take human forms on the earth when necessary and may exhibit great size and/or strength.

Perhaps God came to regret giving the angels so many gifts and direct access to His Presence.  After all, such direct access to His Person excluded any doubt about God’s existence or His omnipotence.  Perhaps He decided to create a being that would choose to love Him without having seen Him, to worship and obey Him as an expression of love returned, based on faith in the revelations that God Himself would give.  Perhaps such a being would require the constraints and limitations of a mortal body in a physical world.

Perhaps this time the created beings would (Part not be given the two-edged swords of immortality and the knowledge of good and evil initially, but God would test his love and obedience first.  Yet God wanted a being who responded to His love and Person to be with Him eternally, so when He breathed life into the first being of this new race of creatures, which He called “man,” He made him in “His own image” and gave him a “divine spark,” an eternal spirit which would seek the Creator and respond to His Spirit.

Perhaps in thinking about a physical world in which to place the man, God in His infinite love decided to be extravagant by creating a place of great beauty and complexity, which mankind could wonder at, appreciate, and explore.  God would give this new creature all the mental faculties and abilities to do these things and more.  He made many other creatures to occupy this world for the use and gentle dominion of man.  He also loved variety and so made many animals and plants with the genetic ability to change and adapt as necessary, or as the man might choose by crossbreeding.  God created a universe with countless stars and galaxies for man’s wonder and awe.  Yet in everything He wholesale jerseys created, including the man himself, God put evidences of His handiwork (for more discussion on creation, see my website at http://creationvsevolution-apologetics.com).

And so God created His new race of beings, first by creating an inhabitable world in which they could live.  The account given in chapter 1 of Genesis makes perfect sense if we understand that a Creator made it all and then told the man what He had done in a way and language that the man could understand.


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